Welcome to Tulip Tree Café

Welcome to Tulip Tree Café.  It is our first blog post and we are excited to introduce the café which is located at Calgo Gardens, in Freehold Township, NJ. Chef & Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Heidi Schulz would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU…”Tulip Tree Café is here as a “we…not me” with Mark & Penny Estomin, Owners of Calgo Gardens.  May we continue to believe in and support one another in the effort to realize our dreams. It has been years in the making and it is with much appreciation, gratitude and friendship we embark on this journey together!” Chef Heidi states, “Our goals associated with a farm to table mission are to maintain a food’s organic health benefits and nutritional quality, improve the economic strength of local farms, avoid the use of genetically modified foods, increase the variety in the types of foods available to a region, and decrease the environmental influence and carbon footprint of factory farms and mass food production. The café features the freshest ingredients procured from local farms, on site gardens and high quality fruit and produce markets.” Summary of benefits of our Farm to Table mission from Tulip Tree Café
  1. Nutritious and promotes a healthy lifestyle
  2. Improves local economy
  3. Helps the environment by decreasing carbon footprint
  4. Educates the community about all of the above!
We are always cooking and creating.  We always are interested in “what you are cooking and creating.” We appreciate everyones culinary expertise and welcome to “kitchen talk”… your opportunity to boast, share or inform kitchen tips, tools and the trade!! Again, WELCOME! We look forward to hearing your comments and seeing you soon! NOTE: We will update you on our upcoming workshops! Stay connected on our social @tuliptreecafe or checkout our workshops on our website: tuliptreecafe.com Tulip Tree Café, located on the beautiful seven acre nursery of Calgo Gardens: 462 Adelphia Road . Freehold Township . NJ 07728 . telephone: 732.256.9649 Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Sunday: 10:00AM to 4:00PMCategories: News


  1. Jill says:

    Stopped in on a chance and had a wonderful lunch today and my husband enjoyed his breakfast choice. Will be coming back again!

  2. Kathy says:

    Chef Heidi put the “p” in personalable. What eating establishment’s chef calls you and asks what type of fish would you like? My parents and I are from New England and cod and sowrdfish are commonly available fish selections at most restaurants. It is difficult to find either fish at restaurants in NJ. Chef Heidi offered to make cod for us and it was delicious. The homey atmosphere and Jamie our server made our first Tulip Tree Cafe visit both comfortable and special. It reminded me of the many bed and breakfast experiences I have had in VT, NH and MI. So glad my good friend ME introduced us to the experience.❤️

  3. Nancy Condardo says:

    we have had some wonderful lunches at the tulip tree. We are interested in the Friday Dinners for August. cold you please let us know when the next one is, the menu and prices. We would like to come with family.

    Friday dinner menus are posted on our website, under menu.
    August 18 has availability.
    We look forward to seeing you.


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